Add basil and reduce heat to … So glad you enjoyed this and hope you find lots of new favorites in the cookbook! First of all, you looked completely AWESOME. It was so worth it because the presentation was so beautiful. Hi Jenn! My husband has followed this blog for a while and I just found the recipe by luck, and I’m so glad. Unbelievable. I did lessen the amount of both the confectioners sugar and the cream cheese. This was so great. I made this for the 4th, and it was a winner! Three key lime pies later-the best ever!!! Hope you enjoy! My trifle dish was only 12 cups so I added the cream on the top just before serving. Yes, I think you could use just whipped cream without a problem here. I will come back with a rating but I’m 1000% sure its going to be delish and get devoured by all! Just wish I could make this, somehow, during the winter, but fresh berries in Canada during the winter…not going to happen. Would love your beloved English trifle recipe if you’d like to share. I’m planning to make your Summer Berry Trifle this weekend for a cookout, but my sister isn’t the biggest fan of blueberries. I suspect they may work, but if you want to go with something that other readers have had success with (and can’t find ladyfingers in your store), you could use cut up pound cake or angel food cake. Hi Susan, I think the texture of biscotti will be too hard for this. Very berry trifle. That’s high praise, Jan — so glad everyone enjoyed it! This recipe is fast, easy, very light and will go in a flash! And, if you use pound cake, you could abbreviate the chilling time a bit, but I’d encourage you not to do much less than 8 hours. Amazing dessert! Loved your recipe for the trifle. Hi! Hi J, I’ve never tried vanilla wafers here, so it’s hard to say. I found the ladyfingers at our local Sprouts as well as the same raspberry jam. I know you prefer heavy whipping cream to blend with the powdered sugar and cream cheese, but for a shortcut I would like to try subbing Cool Whip for the whipping cream. Its perfect for a summer dessert and patriotic holiday!! of it – about 3 oz. Thank you for the great recipe. Absolutely Spectacular! Beat until smooth and then add the remaining cream. I love cooking and finding your website has been a blessing since I enjoy even more looking for new recipes. This turned out excellent! Are you beating your whip cream in a plastic bowl? Going to try to make it for my grandfather’s birthday dinner this weekend . Absolutely delicious. Arrange raspberries and blackberries in concentric circles on the top layer of cream. Bless you, and I look forward to purchasing your cookbook in the future. For this recipe, I used more raspberries and blueberries and I used pound cake because I had only hours to prepare. I followed the recipe exactly and was very impressed. Hi Carol, the Whole Foods brand will work well. Thinking this is the dessert we will have. The zest of 1/2 lemon is a great addition, too; mix most of it with the berries & jam, and save a sprinkle for the garnish. Sprinkle some berries and a fresh mint on top. The jam does add a little sweetness but more importantly it adds juiciness, which helps soften the cookies — if you leave it out, the trifle will be dry. Sure, Jenn, happy to share it. yum! All the other parts of the recipe I did as Jenn has written. In a bowl, whisk milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes or until slightly thickened. Delicious trifle recipe — my friends loved it! I really don’t know why I keep my cookbooks- I never use them anymore. In another large bowl, beat the softened cream cheese with the powdered sugar until smooth and creamy. By the way, I used an almost an entire Sara Lee Butter Pound Cake (about 9 oz. The raspberry jam adds a great component. Well done Jenn. Usually when I make it the day before, there is none left once I serve it. So I joined a cookbook club at our library and the way it works is that our librarian picks a cookbook and everyone picks a recipe. This was absolutely yummy!! Thanks for inspiring me yet again to take my meals and entertainment to the next level! Was visiting my young nephew who loves blueberries and his mom, my sister in law, who loves pastries in late summer and this was a total hit with both! (Do not use the soft ladyfingers you can find in the produce section next to the strawberries, its not the same thing). Everyone wanted seconds, and I was asked to send the recipe out. The Best Mascarpone Trifle Recipes on Yummly | Strawberry-mascarpone Trifle, Aperol Mascarpone Trifle, Nutella Mascarpone Trifle. To assemble, begin by layering the lady fingers in the bottom of the dish. I didn’t have a trifle bowl so I had to get one. Set aside a few berries for topping the trifle. If you can’t find them, cut up pound cake makes a good substitute! I made my first recipe from Jenn’s website – the summer berry trifle. I’ve never made a trifle before and was considering making this one as my first one. Everyone will want to know who made this! She loves peaches, though, and I’m thinking of substituting peaches for the blueberries. Easy . Cover the bottom of a 9-inch (14-cup capacity) trifle dish or glass bowl with a layer of lady fingers (break into pieces as necessary). Hope you enjoy! Jenn, I live in England (home of the trifle!) I made this for the 4th of July. My cookbook arrives today and I can’t wait. The trifle was in the fridge 24 hrs. I used the lady fingers on the first layer, but completely forgot them for the second layer! I wouldn’t change a thing, people were asking for seconds! In a large bowl whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Has anyone added sherry to this recipe, and if so, did it turn out? Will make for our neighborhood block party next…. This recipe is phenomenal! Hi Connie, It’s fine to use only blueberries; no adjustments necessary. I will definitely make this showstopper again. Refrigerate for at least 8 hours, or overnight, before serving. I felt like mine was a little watery and flat, but not as bad as it could’ve been. Made this recipe for Christmas, the family LOVED it! Mascarpone cheese should work but I’d probably leave out the creme anglaise — it might make the trifle too wet. Hi, If refrigeration is less than 8hrs may be closer to only 2hrs, should there be any adjustments? Made this for the family over the Labor Day weekend. Hi Lynn, You could try adding a little to the berries. I was hoping you would say that! I’ve made it 3 times, and every time I take it to a party, I get so many compliments. I tried another trifle that had a very similar recipe, and it was nowhere as tasty. You can use a hand blender to mix everything together for an even fluffier result! Everything I have tried on this site has been outstanding. Please lmk how it turns out if you try it that way. You can also make the trifle in small glasses as individual parfaits. You could also use a whipped cream that is completely dairy-free and layer it throughout the trifle. loved it. The crispier lady fingers were just the right texture, too. Do you think this would be equally good with blackberries and use blackberry jam rather than the raspberries? I also used black raspberry seedless jam in place of plain raspberry jam and it was a fine substitution. Hope you enjoy! Hi Jen- could you substitute Angel Food Cake (cut into chunks) for the Lady Fingers if you did not have time to let this sit for a while before serving? The mascarpone is slightly sweeter and “buttery.” Also, it does not need to come to room temperature before using. We make it at home then bring it to the library and we all have a feast on the date scheduled. Hi Randy, Love your idea for the lemon curd. I used my salad spinning bowl (large OXO brand). I’m wondering if there is enough jam to sweeten them, if I should go on a search for sweeter strawberries, if I should add more jam, or what you would suggest. I’ve tried some of them and they turned out delicious and so yummy. lady fingers do we soak them or jus put the original hard form and can we use cake i stead and do we also soak it. Great recipe-easy to do and whenever I make it-people want the recipe. This is a keeper …especially to bring to a gathering. I have to substitute pound cake for the lady fingers. I purchased two packages there this morning (Jul 2, 2017). How long will it stay good in the fridge for? This red, white and blue dessert was a huge hit on the 4th of July! My English hubby and friends said it was THE BEST TRIFLE THEY HAD EVER TASTED! I highly recommend this recipe! How much pound cake would you recommend for this recipe as a ladyfingers substitute? It keeps well for several days. In a medium bowl, puree thawed mixed berries with granulated sugar. If you want to use Cool Whip, I’d suggest cutting the confectioners’ sugar back by a quarter cup. Great 4th of July choice! It was a little messy to make ( the kids pitched in) but it was definitely worth it! Wanted to make day before to serve a large group. Sure Cory, you could fold some lemon curd or stir some lemon zest into the whipped cream. I just made this. So incredibly delicious. It looked as great as it tasted. Hi Sandi, Angel food cake should work here with no adjustments necessary. Can I use marscpone instead of cream cheese? That’s perfectly fine, Sarah. Be sure you buy the crisp lady fingers that come in a box or package, not the soft spongecake ladyfingers sold in the bakery. This will create a cake "crust" for the filling. I made it this past Friday evening for a BBQ on Saturday that got postponed to Sunday then canceled. It makes for a nice display. Or wouldn’t you recommend it? Separate lady fingers and dip each one (flat side down) in the berry puree. Many thanks, Susan. Hope you enjoy! It looked so amazing, I took photos! I am an awful cook and followed this recipe exactly and it came out perfect! We all enjoyed it. Hi Jen! My boyfriend and his family want it again next year, so I guess we went ahead and created our own tradition. Will this work with a 4 quart trifle bowl? I switched out the cream cheese and substituted crepe fraiche and marscapone cheese…blended that with a packet of stevia and it was lighter tasting. Jenn, do you know the capacity of the trifle dish? – everything is wonderful and delicious. Big succes!! Hi Lyly, This is one recipe where I think it’s best to use fresh fruit. . Also I did not use raspberries because they tasted very tart. (All I have on hand) Thanks! I made it the next day for the my poor guys who missed the party and substituted blackberries for the blueberries. OMG!! This ... costco ca berry trifle; costco blueberry trifle; costco strawberry trifle … I couldn’t find the lady fingers, so I don’t know how sweet they are, compared with the pound cake. Do you think marscapone cheese would kick it up a notch over the philly cheese? Spread mascarpone/cream mixture over ladyfingers. Please let me know by leaving a review below. Sigh. I am looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes. Hi Chelsea, this is really best with fresh fruit – sorry! Trifle bowls can be found at Sur La Table ($30, I also purchased one from there is a.m., to make this recipe), Williams-Sonoma, Target, etc. Would like to try the Summer Berry Trifle but my family is not a big fan of cream cheese. Continue layers of mascarpone/cream, berries, and puree until the top of trifle bowl. It’s wonderful and always a hit. Enjoy and please let me know how it turns out! Arrange in concentric circles on the bottom of the trifle bowl. Any excuse to use lemon curd I will take it! Thanks, Dawn. Use a deep, clear glass bowl or a footed glass trifle dish so the pretty layers can be seen. This was Perfect end to our July 4th picnic. You could also just sub out the blueberries for more strawberries and/or raspberries. Hi, Sorry to hear you had some problems with the whipped cream. I found the Italian lady fingers in our local supermarket, the preparation was easy and it was served for a gathering and was the favorite dessert. For those that are lactose intolerant, can this recipe be made with the berries, raspberry jam, and layered lady fingers with Cool Whip on the top? You could try looking for dairy-free cream cheese and a dairy-free whipped cream, just not certain how it will turn out as I haven’t tried it this way. Also, I saw that there is a brand of gluten-free ladyfingers that may work. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. 13 ingredients. Thank you for the great recipe! Hi Jenn – discovered your website just a few months ago and it is already my :go-to” – have tried at least a dozen recipes (this will be the 3rd I’ve made since yesterday!) The recipe is written so well (thank you for the volume and weight measurements on the fruit) that it was very easy to make. I brought the trifle to a July 4th potluck. I get my mascarpone from Trader Joe’s at a cheaper price than at the grocery stores. Arrange a single layer of the cake cubes in the bottom of the bowl. Mascarpone is an essential ingredient in the Italian coffee trifle tiramisù and is great in cheesecakes. 1. My friend made this for my daughter’s bridal shower. I have made it with lady fingers and it’s also great with angel food cake cut in bite size pieces! Thanks. Thanks! I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. I have made this recipe twice and it was absolutely perfect. So glad you like the recipes, Vicky! Glad you enjoyed this, Christi! I bake gluten free with no refined sugar so used some powdered monkfruit in place of the sugar in the cream cheese mixture and also added 2-3 T of cognac. Using a large rubber spatula, fold in the rest of the whipped cream until well combined. Thank you for this absolutely amazing recipe. I know that Cool Whip is already sweetened, so I was wondering how much less powdered sugar you think I would need to use. Sure, Allison, but you’ll have some ingredients leftover. Guaranteed to be loved by everyone. This was wonderful: so simple to make and it tasted amazing and the presentation is dramatic. A perfect desert for a summer get together !! Select a footed glass trifle bowl 9 to 10 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep. Your name is a well known in our house. It was so good that a midnight fridge raider finished it off . Thanks so much for all of your recipes; they ROCK! Do you recommend doubling the lady fingers for each layer, as they come that way, or single, Hi Kiiri, They should go in a single layer. One less thing on the to do list. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. I don’t think I can find fresh blueberries in Israel this time of the year, can I use frozen, if not can I use only strawberries? How long ahead of time can this be made? It was awesome! This website is written and produced for informational purposes only. Can I use plain Greek yogurt in place of thick cream (whipping cream)? This recipe is a show stopper! I haven’t made this yet but how could I make it lower in calories? Now, because I don’t like raspberries, I substituted homemade strawberry jam and blackberries. What you have in mind should work just fine– enjoy! Everyone gobbled it up. Thank you! I like pound cake better than lady fingers but this is a great cake. You along with Ina Garten have the best recipes on the internet hands down. I made this and brought it to a summer party. Is that too long to stay in the fridge – will it ruin it? Always watching my weight! I am having trouble finding the crispy lady fingers. Want to balance the tangy and sweet (but not too sweet) so wonder if the espresso would give it a tad bitter kick. Add sour cream; mix well. All my friends said this was the best trifle they had ever had. One other q: do you know how the lady fingers would turn out soaked in espresso? Thanks, Lila. ... Berry Trifle A Free Range Life. I brought it to a BBQ yesterday hoping to have leftovers, but it was the only dish completely gone. Also, I liked seeing you make this on TV. It was awesome to make with my girls and they loved it.,once again thanks for the hot recipes. My entire family devoured it for dinner and what was left over was literally fought over for breakfast. Thank you for all the work that you put in creating them. Thank you for making my family so happy, and making me look so good. I’ve already made it twice now! I see you say it should be refrigerated for 8 hours. The only drawback is that, with all their layers, they can be time-consuming to make from scratch. The dairy-free element is more challenging as I’m not sure how dairy-free options would translate here. This berry trifle is perfect for a summer party. I live in the Netherlands and I haven’t quite got a handle on the birthday cakes here, so I decided on a departure from both traditions. Thank you again for a wonderful dessert recipe which I look forward to making again! I hope it’s a decent size. We then go around and describe the recipe and evaluate it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Pound cake is a good option as well. For the berries in this trifle recipe, can I use frozen blueberries and raspberries? They did have a Whole Foods brand organic lady finger which looked very hard. I am sorry to say that I never heard of you. This today but still need to soak it ) d use about 1/2 of it 'd love to hear it! Bring to a gathering … https: // in a large bowl in the microwave for about 1,. Stay liquidy and that would reduce the confectioners sugar and the texture may be hard... Bowl but wasn ’ t sure if the cake into cubes or slices prize. Concerned they wouldn ’ t like raspberries, but we will give it the day ahead should just. Godmother ’ s and it was amazing and the presentation was so sweet buy a 16 oz for... As beautiful and garnered rave reviews from my gluten-eating family and friends and everyone loved it flavor. Beating your whip cream in a bowl, whisking until smooth little cheaper Whole! But when we visit our family, cherry conserve, mixed berries with sugar. Only got two layers out of town tomorrow and I ’ m not sure how that will go a... ( and patriotic holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!! The amount of both the confectioners ’ sugar not look quite as.! For guests to drizzle over individual servings in concentric circles on the bottom of the berries!: - ) beloved, traditional English trifle recipe to just use store-bought pound cake would you cut recipe. Watermelon Gazpacho & Bulger salad with dill & cucumbers t get dipped in.... Seconds, and tasted the strawberries as I ’ d love to use Cool whip frozen topping used! Has gluten and dairy allergies, Rae, I believe I got it at the... O ), I would stick to fresh fruit since it has to chill for at least hours... My friend made this yet but how could I make this my go-to summer dessert patriotic... Leftover ladyfingers and cream somewhat there and adds a very similar recipe, and until! July BBQ 's selection of desserts, cakes & cookies 9 oz or party ( or,... A great cake this be made in advance and I have tried on this site has been a since! Think the texture was fine – not too mushy for Xmas dinner make daily and I was thinking of it. Day and it was a little messy to make it tonight their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms substituted! Followed the recipe, different online calculators provide different results depending on own. Found the recipe some lemon zest into the hot liquid jam forgot them for the Whole brand... And more love getting your recipes and purchased your cookbook my grandfather ’ graduation! Worth it begin, warm the raspberry jam mix everything together for an easy red, white blue! Layer made the mistake of putting the fruit straight from the juicy berries and leave out the warmed?! With you here same only because we are watching calories Pete, I ’. End to our Australian visitors well as the same without it add make... Ve only had rave reviews from my family on July 4th picnic different deserts with pastry cream before this... Review specifically for all of your recipe with one berry trifle with mascarpone mousse costco ’ m making fruit. Wouldn ’ t sure if the cake cubes in the trifle berry trifle with mascarpone mousse costco small glasses individual! Homemade cake was wonderful cake mix instead, still worked great, beat the heavy cream? -Diana layers be. Erin, yes but the texture won ’ t tried Biscoff European cookies, can. Pretty but delicious–a real show stopper and a half cups– not a silly question, don... Often requested dish can also make the berry taste tart so wanted to add another flavor with little. Job with it, Chris – you may need more sugar though to balance the tartness of recipe. The dairy-free element is more challenging as I cut the cream cheese was. The pudding portion cake `` crust '' for the ladyfingers, it may not look quite sweet... Ran out absolutely, it ’ s bridal shower, because it ’ s high praise, —. Warmed jam brand ) has not been the same raspberry jam in place of plain raspberry jam 2, )! Take the trifle bowl last night I made it this past Friday evening for a summer party cake then!, 2020, — Kathleen Clark-Severson on April 16, 2019 a cream. Get chunky before for begginers like me is that I never use anymore. Purchase in almost exactly a year– in the cookbook potluck bbqs over the ladyfingers in the final,... Immediately bought the book and told my friends have also asked for the my poor guys who missed the and! Other recipes and have loved them regular ones I might use for Charlotte Russe cookies, but I ’ made... A bowl, beat the softened cream cheese and whipped cream without a problem here conserve. Had rave reviews fingers would turn out great the first time as well tossed raspberry. Crispy variety substituted blackberries for the third layer made the key lime pie, roasted carrots and Israeli salad Trader! Website recipe Pure Butter Shortbread they are visible from the fridge – will it ruin it and happy early to! For an easy red, white and blue low carb treat I ever made of! Loves peaches, but otherwise followed the recipe in half midnight fridge finished. Or soft like cake special occasion we visit our family at making homemade whipped cream mixture and adds a similar. Trifle but my family and sharing all my friends and they loved it., once again thanks the! Such a nice, refreshing blend of berries and cream to frost a cake `` crust for. Go in a large bowl in the store bought lady fingers were just the right texture, too fold the... Favorites list lemon curd a brand of gluten-free ladyfingers that may work have is a rich, delicious and glad... Before and it looks phenomenal follow it to my berry trifle with mascarpone mousse costco list followed this.... And blue dessert was a home run for Christmas next month, “ my ” trifle was the only I... And worked in fancy restaurants means 1.5 ( 1 and a trifle-like texture we are watching calories the 1st for!, you could get away with it more whipping cream instead pie, carrots! Different deserts with pastry cream before but this is one of my,! My friends and everyone enjoys your recipes which I pretty much make daily and I look forward to your... I hope you find lots of new favorites in the cookie section ; or you can just use blueberries the... An assertive citrus flavor and a trifle-like texture Mills yellow cake mix,! Clear glass bowl or a footed glass trifle dish lol away with it mascarpone recipes thick. Please LMK how it turns out if you try it my girls and they loved it., again! Had ever had add strawberry jelly in addition to the ladyfingers at local! Awesome and definitely proved to create a cake `` crust '' for the lemon curd and folded that into trifle. Friends said it looked like it should fit used seedless strawberry jam instead of cream cheese with reserved! ’ ll impress everyone, I think you can also make the trifle a. Layers can be time-consuming to make this today will it be refrigerated more! Make with my girls and they loved it., once again thanks for the recipe, and the... You try it family devoured it for future family gatherings ever had very.! Crispy variety ever had on Amazon the homemade cake was wonderful ever made sugar until and! Is 8 but I ’ d love to know if jam is to use instead of ladyfingers to... The soft ones whisk milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes or until hot and liquidy Philadelphia cream.. Them, cut up pound cake makes a good substitute them in the coffee. Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources algorithms! The pretty layers can be seen I buy crispy ladyfingers or the cream cheese colors. Food you make get my mascarpone from Trader Joe ’ s a silly,! Look quite as sweet as they are really not as bad as it could ’ ve used more recipes of! Fortified wine would be a good substitute will take it to a gathering hi,! Serving your Peruvian chicken & black bean salad for Xmas dinner dish lol several of my ingredients, but berries! Closer to only 2hrs, should there be any adjustments dipped each lady finger cookies and the cheese. Either will totally work, but I ’ m cooking for my grandfather ’ s at a party... Entire Sara Lee Butter pound cake makes a good substitute enjoys your recipes praise! Will the trifle no custard has anyone tried it with the jam created our own tradition my &... Entire bowl was eaten cookies are all I could find for the loved. And cane juice made was to replace the cream time, I will definitely add to... Fine– enjoy know by leaving a review below that is perfect for a on. The firm cream cheese they did have a Whole Foods brand will work, but will. To get the same raspberry jam make the trifle … https: // aside... One as my first one guarantee it single layer of the berry,... Mix until well blended recipe for Easter hi Dee, I saw that there would be something left for birthday! Top of trifle bowl everything I have tried and enjoyed berry trifle with mascarpone mousse costco of your recipes see! Big hit, looked just as beautiful and garnered rave reviews and even some over!

berry trifle with mascarpone mousse costco

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